Church of the Dollar

For the ethereal we pray
For the material we pay

Church of the Dollar is a self-contained production studio and record label. The Boss BR900CD powers a complete pipeline using the internet for distribution.

All of this music is available for free with no license restrictions. I just want to give something in return for all the great music I have heard.

Bonnie and Kaleidoscope

Bonnie and Kaleidoscope is Natalie's latest effort since touring the country with Daniel and Huckleberry. She has teamed up with Steven and written a whole new set of songs. Sometimes Jim jumps in and plays some lead guitar or helps produce recordings.

2008 3:26 Lyrics

Traditional Matter

Traditional Matter began with a chance meeting on MySpace. The band's first show was put on by Can of Jam Productions and held at the world famous Viper Room. After a record attendance on our first night out, we rocked crowds with folk music all along Sunset Strip before dissolving in late 2007.

Peace of Mind
2007 3:36 Lyrics
2007 1:24

Purple Coup

The Purple Coup began as a jam session during break time at work. The two 6-string guitars in the break room let Jim and Daniel work out the lead/rhythm guitar style that would define their sound while Quincy jammed along on vocals. The final piece was Joel with backing vocals and utility instrumentation. We played Aura and The Mint and had a blast.

Live at the Mint (2006):
Next Day
2006 3:36 Lyrics
The Bums Will Always Lose
2006 4:24 Lyrics
Sandstrings Translations
2006 7:11

Church of the Dollar

This entire effort was born when my friend Paul generously lent me his Boss BR-1180CD for a semester at Johns Hopkins. For the rest of that semester, I played and recorded music with my best friends every day. The skills I learned took my playing to the next level and introduced me to the art of music production.

By Halloween 2004, I had produced an album worth of material which I copied and distributed to my friends.

Reality is a Hardened Dream (Halloween 2004):
2003 4:09 Lyrics
Caught in the Turnaround
2004 3:04
Main Street Boogie
2003 2:48 Lyrics
Cowboy Blues
2003 7:24
Odd-Shaped Girl
2004 4:38 Lyrics
Pralines and Dick
2003 3:09
2004 3:54 Lyrics
Kick in the Face
2004 4:06
Weight Lifted(After the Flames)
2004 4:31 Lyrics

There were a number of older tracks that didn't measure up and were cut from the album.

Sleep Medicine
2003 2:43
One(Just One)
2003 4:20
Flight of the MudGoose
2003 5:21
April 7 Music
2003 3:19
Dirty B Blues
2003 2:32
Church Of The Dollar
2003 1:16